The first five discs of the “How To” CARDIO CHEER set address a different facet of the cheerleading challenge, incorporating a primary twenty minute workout, a focused five-minute workout and finishing strong by breaking down an original 1˝-minute dance routine.

“This DVD series is not just for Cheerleaders, it’s for anyone who has sprit! Said Matti Leshem Executive Producer of the series.


Disc One: STRETCH. The Denver Broncos’ Candice Jones gets right to work on your flexibility and balance. By lengthening your muscles and targeting your breathing, this disc prepares your body to deal with anything you might throw at it. It’s a great routine to do before or after any of the other four work-outs.

Disc Two: POWER. Traci Swain leads you through a challenging routine to develop the explosiveness that can only come from leg strength. Never forget that cheerleaders are athletes, so put your athleticism to the test then celebrate with a choreographed dance routine taught by this New York Knick .

Disc Three: MOVES. Also from the Denver Broncos, Renee Herlocker puts the emphasis on making clean, sharp movements while keeping a smile on your face. From basic claps to lunges, from the High V to the Low V, dagger position and reaches, your moves will sparkle with the assurance of a pro.

Disc Four: JUMP. Candice Jones of the Denver Broncos is back, and this time she’s armed with a bench and jump rope to put you through a range of physically demanding leg sets. Ramp up those old school jumping-jacks to performance levels and feel the burn. It’s time to put some air in your dance routines.

Disc Five: ENDURANCE. Lindsay Rosenberg won’t say quit, and after this cardiovascular work-out using jump ropes and hand weights, you won’t have to either. The leg lifts alone will separate the cheer-hopers from the cheer-leaders, so get ready to go four quarters with this Los Angeles Clipper.

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