“Get yourself that cheerleader body – then show it how to move!”.

LOS ANGELES (November 18th 2005) – Inspired by her career start as a Laker Girl, famed singer/dancer/choreographer and “American Idol” celebrity judge Paula Abdul has created a fitness sensation – a high-energy, fitness focused comprehensive cheerleading program. For girls of all ages who dream of making the squad, improving their dancing, or claiming a leaner, stronger, toner body, Paula offers the five-disc CARDIO CHEER series to help those dreams come true.

Working with Century City-based production and marketing company DNA Studio, Paula has brought together a Cheerleading All-Star team to not only show girls essential cheerleading moves, but more importantly, how to move. Today, over four million bright-eyed young athletes seek the spotlight of dancing and performing, but only a few hundred have what it takes to reach the ultimate level, to become professional cheerleaders. Now four of these stars from the NFL and NBA ranks join Paula to train, motivate and share their joy and passion with the next generation of America’s cheerleaders.

On the panel of “American Idol,” Paula calls upon her expertise to judge the latest in talent; with CARDIO CHEER, she shares that expertise to help shape it, strengthen it and inspire it. In this five-disc series, aspiring cheerleaders are offered for the very first time a package that shares the training techniques, skill drills and dance moves of the professionals. It’s everything needed to tighten the body, increase vertical jump and flexibility, stylize dancing and add to one’s power.

Currently in post-production, this inspiring DVD series was shot in HD at the Warner Studios Back Lot with a neighborhood feel in tribute to all the homes across America housing cheerleading dreams. This complete set will be released this holiday season and sold exclusively by DNA Studio through the web ( and a dedicated call center at 1-877-24-CHEER.

Chris Gibbin, DNA Studio COO and executive producer of CARDIO CHEER, says, “Millions of girls are devoted to their cheer squads and to improving their performances, but no one had ever provided them with the complete package to let them know what it really takes to reach their personal best. Now they can hear it straight from Paula and the pros themselves.”

The Denver Broncos’ Candice Jones, one of the series’ four stars, agrees. “I only wish that when I was younger there could have been a mentor to give me direction and encouragement. But now, working with Paula on CARDIO CHEER, I get to use my experience to help others reach their goals.”

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