Paula Abdul's Cardio Cheer is a complete 5 DVD exercise program targeted at your specific cheering and fitness needs. All discs contain, a Primary Workout, a “Quick Fix Workout”, an original dance routine and Paula's proven dance instruction technique making even the most complicated routine easy...  

Disc 1 – Stretch
Candace Jones of the Denver Broncos squad leads you through a routine specifically tailored to increase flexibility and balance. It’s critical to lengthen your muscles and strengthen your breathing, and this disc, through the full work-out, Quick Fix and 90 second blast, prepares your body to deal with anything you might throw at it. It’s a great routine to do before or after the other work-outs.

Disc 2 – Power
Traci Swain of the New York Knicks squad leads a challenging Power-building regimen. Few things set a cheerleader apart from the crowd like a burst of power, the explosiveness that can only come from pure leg strength. Never forget that cheerleaders are athletes, and this disc puts your athleticism to the test. Then celebrate your new power with a choreographed dance routine.

Disc 3 – Moves
Renee Herlocker of the Denver Broncos squad has all the moves and, after putting in your time with the routines on this disc, so will you. The emphasis is on making clean, sharp movements while always keeping a smile. From basic claps to lunges, the High V and Low V, dagger position and reaches, your moves will sparkle with the assurance of a pro. Fun has never been so precise.

Disc 4 – Jump
Candace Jones is back, and when she says “Jump,” you say, “How high?” No matter the answer, you’ll be ready to hit your marks. Using a bench and jump rope, she puts you through a range of physically demanding leg sets. Ramp up those old school jumping-jacks to performance levels. This work-out will leave you feeling the burn, and ready to put some air in your dance routines.

Disc 5 – Endurance
Lindsay Rosenberg of the LA Clippers squad challenges your body just as it will be challenged in a game or competition. There’s no saying quit, and after this extended cardiovascular work-out using jump ropes and hand weights, you won’t have to. Just the leg lifts alone will separate the cheer-hopers from the cheer-leaders. So put on your game face and get ready to go the distance.