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The Greatest (Japan)


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The Greatest


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The Greatest
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Knocked Out
The Way That You Love Me
Straight Up
Forever Your Girl
Cold Hearted
Opposites Attract
Rush Rush
The Promise of a New Day
Blowing Kisses in the Wind
Will You Marry Me?
My Love Is For Real
Crazy Cool
Ain’t Never Gonna Give You Up
Dance Like There's No Tomorrow
I'm Just Here For The Music
Shine 2009 - So Free
Dream Medley

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The Greatest (Japan)

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In 1998 Toshiba-EMI Ltd. released Paula Abdul’s first international greatest hits album in Japan simply titled “The Greatest.”

The album was released as limited edition with a small amount of copies produced exclusively for this release.

The album, released exclusively in Japan contains 14 full-length album version cuts of Abdul’s most popular songs, minus her hit single, "Cold Hearted".

Tracklisting and Lyrics

1. The Way That You Love Me


2. Knocked Out


3. Forever Your Girl


4. Straight Up


5. Opposites Attract


6. The Promise Of A New Day


7. Blowing Kisses In The Wind


8. Spellbound


9. Vibeology


10. Will You Marry Me?


11. Rush Rush


12. My Love Is For Real featuring Ofra Haza


13. Crazy Cool


14. Ain’t Never Gonna Give You Up



Greatest Hits

Album Credits

Produced by: Toshiba-EMI Ltd.

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