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Romy and Michele (TV Movie)


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Romy and Michele - In The Beginning (TV Movie)

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Romy and Michele: In the Beginning is a 2005 TV film starring Katherine Heigl as Romy and Alexandra Breckenridge as Michele.

In this prequel to the 1997 feature Romy and Michele's High School Reunion, it shows Romy and Michele as they graduate in 1987, and again three years later as they take on Los Angeles.

For years Romy and Michele have been dreaming to go to L.A. and become rich and famous, but they decided to put their trip on hold while they save money. Three years have passed by and they've only managed to save $68, only $8 more than they had in high school. Despite their lack of money, they decide to go ahead with their plans to move to L.A. after seeing Pretty Woman.

In the film, Paula Abdul makes an appearance as herself.

The TV film was critically panned and suffered low viewership. Written and directed by Robin Schiff, the working title for the TV movie was Romy and Michele: Behind the Velvet Rope.

It has not been made available on DVD or for download on Amazon or iTunes.

Production Notes

Distributed by ABC Family

Release date: May 30, 2005

Running time: 120 mins

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