Nicole Meets Paula Abdul

Nicole Meets Paula Abdul

May 7, 2004, is a day I never thought would happen and a day I'll never forget. I've always dreamed of meeting Paula Abdul but I never actually believed it would happen. When her NY Times Square event came up she was so close I felt my whole heart swell up with hope.

I did everything I could to get tickets but something always got in the way, and sadly I slowly felt the hope slip away. When it became certain that I would not be able to get tickets before the 7th, my only option was to go the day of and hope they had tickets left.

So, May 7th 2004 at 8AM I was standing in a regional rail station in Philadelphia and anticipating the train that would take me to Penn Station, each train a step closer to NY a step closer to Paula. I was so excited, and
yet even on my way to NY I did not believe I was meeting Paula. I had a gift for her, a plaque I'd written and drawn myself but I still didn't believe I would give it to her.

Even, when I was standing in Toys R US buying the MicroDancers, holding
my pink ticket it had not sunk in. I stood in the line for almost an hour and a 1/2 but it wasn't until I saw a glimpse of her hair and then the side of her face that it hit me and when it hit me it was indescribable how good it felt.

I turned to my father and I slapped his chest and said, " Do you see her? She's so beautiful!" and at this point I'm crying. The line moved up, I watched as each fan went up and hugged her, as each fan talked to her and got their picture taken with her and all I could think was ' she is.'

Then I was walking toward her to meet her and anything and everything I could've ever thought to say completely left my mind. All I could say was,
"I love you."

She asked my name and I gave her my plaque and she read it right there in front of me, and she looked at me and said, " If this is true, I can go to heaven happy." Well, lets just say my water works were working much better then my vocals :) I know I kept telling her I loved her and thanked her a bunch of times. We took our picture and she told me I was beautiful and that she loved me too. I stood to go and she reached up and touched the signature piece from her Innergy collection which I was wearing and she said, "I'm so happy you wearing the star." I believe I started crying again... she then kissed my hand and well I was a mess of tears and "I love You's."

I cried even after I left the store, and I returned home with a picture of me and Paula, her lipstick on my hand, her smell on my shirt, and a memory I'd never forget. I got my picture blown up into an 8x10 and it now hangs on my bedroom wall, I also have an 8x10 in my living room, and I carry a 4x6 in my journal, and the original is in my Paula photo album. I preserved her lipstick marks with scotch tape and that is also in my album.

When I thought back on the 7th there were a lot of things I wished I could've changed like: how I looked, what I said, I wish I would've given her more, that my mom could've been there, that I would've taken better pictures, that I could've stopped crying; there were a lot of things I thought I would've changed but then I realized that the 7th was perfect just the way it was and that I really couldn't ask for more. I let Paula know she inspires me and that I love her and that's what's important.

When I got home my little brother said to me, " Well Nikki you met her. Your dream came true. It's over." At first this made me sad... and then I thought about a bit. Yes, I did meet Paula Abdul, a woman whom I've admired for so long and will continue to admire. My dream did come true.

Now, I have room for another dream. I'd love to do an interview with Paula for a major magazine, seeing how I want to be a published writer. May 7th I got a lot of things along with my memory of meeting Paula and one of them was believing dreams really do come true. You don't know how long or when but if you hang in there anything can happen. - The Official Paula Abdul Fan Site
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