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Paula Abdul Related Articles

A comprehensive collection of Paula Abdul-related articles from various sources throughout the years.  Have an article you would like to add to our collection? Click Here to submit it.

01-28-04 • Was Paula Abdul asleep at the wheel?

01-28-04 • Aloha, 'Idol'! The Judges Hit Hawaii

01-28-04 • Abdul Reportedly 'Out Of It' On TV Show

01-22-04 • Paula Abdul Splits From Boyfriend

12-16-03 • Paula and Ruben Reunited!

10-13-03 • American Idol Puts Stamp on Xmas

10-08-03 • Broadway-bound 'Charity'

10-06-03 • Hawaii Lures Viewers to Spend 'Idol' Time Here

10-05-03 • Survival's The Real Game Now

10-04-03 • Paula and Colton Snuggling at the Bar

10-02-03 • Paula Abdul's Interview with John Ritter

07-22-03 • Paula Abdul Hanging Out

07-21-03 • Abdul's Admiration For Timberlake

07-20-03 • USA Weekend - Talking Talent with Paula

07-01-03 • Abercrombie & Fitch Quarterly

06-25-03 • Paula Abdul Parts With Business Pal

06-19-03 • Paula Abdul's New Man 'Still Married'

06-09-03 • American Idol Judges Chairs to be Auctioned

06-06-03 • Dancer/Choreographer Paula Abdul and Fitness Trainer David Kirsch Kick-off Nationwide Search for the Best Legs in America

06-05-03 • Contest Looks For Hottest Legs

06-04-03 • Abdul's Job Goes To Seacrest

06-04-03 • Abdul's Job Goes To Seacrest

05-22-03 • Paula Gets A Gun Man

05-21-03 • Paula Reveals Her Neck Pain Hell

05-20-03 • Paula Abdul's Top Gun

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