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Paula Abdul Related Articles

A comprehensive collection of Paula Abdul-related articles from various sources throughout the years.  Have an article you would like to add to our collection? Click Here to submit it.

05-23-04 • Abdul Nearly Lost Thumb

05-20-04 • Abdul Looks Into Launching Legal Action Against Salon

05-18-04 • Paula Turns Thumbs Down on Salon

05-13-04 • An 'Idol' Shocker: La Toya's Last Dance

05-12-04 • Paula Rates the Final Four!

05-11-04 • 'Idol' Divas Strut Their 'Hot Stuff'

05-11-04 • Abdul Gets Drag Queen Honour

05-05-04 • 'American Idol' Does the Boogie-Woogie

04-29-04 • John's Crooned His Last 'Idol' Tune

04-29-04 • Watch out for unsafe nail jobs

04-23-04 • How Paula Consoled Jennifer Hudson

04-21-04 • Paula nails it

04-21-04 • 'Idol' Updates & Paula's Injury

04-20-04 • Paula's 'Idol' Forecast

04-19-04 • Cowell: Abdul Is Very Sexy

04-06-04 • Abdul Wets Herself!

03-31-04 • Paula's 'Idol' Chatter


02-15-04 • Abdul Keeps Dog In High Style

02-13-04 • Idle Worship

02-05-04 • The 'Idol' Hopefuls: Who Made the Cut?

02-04-04 • Janet Jackson's Secret Past

02-03-04 • The Idols Are 'Going to Hollywood'!

02-03-04 • Paula Grooves with Outkast!

02-02-04 • American Idol or Arrogant Idol? The Hopefuls Mouth Off

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