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Abdul promises twins, talent for 'Idol 5'

Nov 25th, 2005


American Idol" judge Paula Abdul has confessed that if the early auditions are any indication, this could be the best season yet for the Fox talent show.

"We've gotten incredible people," Abdul gushes. "I think it's going to be the best, because we have some of the best singers."

If Abdul's prognostications hold up, this could be the fifth consecutive "best season ever" for "Idol," which has to be some sort of record. Abdul is at a bit of a loss to explain whether the guys or gals are responsible for this latest talent infusion.

"I think there's a little bit more female presence, then I'll change my mind because the male presence we have is so strong," she admits. "I wish you could check back to me when we get to Hollywood. The male talent we have, I'm really excited about. It's different. It's just all-over-the-map different. Different styles and I'm excited about it."

Abdul's cohort Simon Cowell has already openly discussed several favorites from the earliest audition rounds, including an Irish female who tried out in Las Vegas. Cowell's track record in such matters is pretty solid, given that he pretty much declared Carrie Underwod as last season's winner six months before America came to the same conclusion. Abdul, eagerly chatting with reporters these days to promote her participation in a newly released set of "Best & Worst" "Idol" DVDs, certainly remembers the chanteuse Cowell is celebrating, but she isn't ready to call her the winner of the show just yet.

"She's a star," Abdul claims. "She's a star, but what I don't like that Simon does -- and we all agree, I mean, I gave her a standing ovation, she is phenomenal -- but there are other phenomenal ones and it drives me crazy when Simon already announces the winner, who he thinks."

She continues, "It's like, 'Don't do that.' Don't do it for the sake of the competition. Don't do it for the sake of the spirit and psyche of the performers. Don't do it. Let America find it out."

While she won't anoint a champ just yet, Abdul can confidently promise that viewers will get their fill of twins when the show returns to boost Fox's fortunes this January.

"We have two sets of twins, African-American twins, that are incredible," Abdul says. "Two that are 27, identical, and two that are 16, identical. The 27-year-olds, like Luther Vandross, the 16-year-olds, Usher to the nth degree. It's going to be awesome to see twins in the Final 12. I don't know if that will happen. We'll see."

"Idol" fans who are still traumatized that tone-deaf brothers Noel and Jesus Roman somehow snuck into the Top 32 of Season Three may be skeptical about this sibling rivalry. One thing fans won't have to experience, the "Opposites Attract" singer promises, is a Paula Abdul Theme Night.

"It wouldn't be fun for me," she claims. "The audience would love it. It would be fun for them. I think it would drive Simon insane. I think he couldn't handle it. I think he'd break out in hives."

Article courtesty of Monterey Herald

Filed under: American Idol


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