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EXCLUSIVE: Paula Abdul talks Cascine

Apr 5th, 2011

Making this week’s special feature on Cascine even more special is the adorable Paula Abdul. The 80′s popstrel is in cahoots with label founder, Jeff Bratton and firm fan of Shine 2009, so it only really makes sense for her to appear on this exclusive track. ‘So Free’ instantly takes you back to early 90′s dance and Paula’s guest appearance finishes it off perfectly.

PlanetNotion: What made you decide to get involved with Shine 2009?

Paula Abdul: I’m close with Jeff Bratton from Cascine and love what they’re doing with the label. When Shine 2009 was working on their full-length last fall, Sami asked if I would guest on ‘So Free.’ Their sound resonates with me personally and I thought it would be a fun project to be a part of.

PN: Tell us a bit about the collaborative process – did you record with Shine, how did it all work?

PA: The song was recorded in Helsinki and then shared with me. I really liked what I heard and was excited to get involved. Sami and Mikko mapped out the vocal parts, I recorded them in LA, and then emailed the files to Finland. Jeff managed communication with everyone, and once the vocals were mixed into the track by the band, we reviewed edits until we reached the final version.

PN:The song’s called ‘So Free’ – is that a reflection of how you’re feeling at the moment?

PA: It is, in a lot of respects. My life is pretty incredible these days. I’m filled with gratitude and am finding myself the happiest I’ve been in years. I’m working on a handful of inspiring projects and there are endless possibilities in front of me. So yeah…free is a good description of how I’m feeling right now.

PN: Would you normally listen to the kind of music that Shine make and that Cascine are all about?

PA: I adore what both Shine 2009 and Cascine are doing. They’re playing with pop music in a delicious way.

PN: Would you ever allow a band like Shine to remix your classic tracks?

PA: I appreciate the perspective that Shine 2009 and so many young artists bring to their music. I’m open to letting the right acts try their hand at my catalog. I’ve always found it cool and inspiring to see talented people reinterpret classic hits.

PN: What were the last 5 records you played on your iPod?

PA: Right now I’m listening to Frank Ocean, Miguel, Nicki Minaj and How to Dress Well. I also like a number of artists on the Cascine roster – Chad Valley and Jensen Sportag, especially. And I think Wintercoats is exquisite.

PN: Are there any plans to record or release any more new music of your own?

PA Music and dance will always drive me – great melodies cut right to my heart. I’m exploring a few projects that combine the right mixture of contemporary and artistic styles with other elements that are in step with my own aesthetic.

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Learn more by clicking here or download "So Free" on Amazon or iTunes

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