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Paula at QVC Live Chat

Mar 16th, 2007

Show and Tell! Paula Abdul Returns to QVC for Two New Shows, followed by a Live Chat  
Acclaimed recording artist and American Idol judge Paula Abdul is scheduled to return to QVC for two exciting one-hour jewelry shows on Friday, March 16, 2007 airing at 6 AM and 10 PM ET. 
Paula will present several new styles from her successful Paula Abdul Jewelry Collection, which features charms, pendants, earrings and bracelets in a mix of textures and metals, inscribed with inspirational words and symbols. Her pieces reflect the encouraging spirit and endearing positive attitude for which Abdul herself is known. Created especially for QVC, the collection ranges in price from approximately $20.00 to $90.00. 
Immediately following the 10 PM show, fans will have the opportunity to interact with Paula during a LIVE online chat beginning at 11 PM ET. Paula will participate in a one-hour session to answer all the juicy questions regarding the collection, her life, and what it's really like to sit next to Simon. 
The Paula Abdul Jewelry Collection is available on QVC by calling 800.345.1515 or visiting To join the live chat on Friday, March 16 at 11 PM ET, simply log onto

#QVC-event2: Chatlet=Auditorium questions=AskPaula
#QVC-event2: bio= Type your questions for Paula Abdul here, and click Send.
|: Paula: It's great to be back one month later
|: I want to thank you all for staying up to watch tonight's show 
|: and now for staying up to chat with me. 
|: I'm very excited after showing off lots of those beautiful new pieces. 
|: * 
|: meggie016-guest says: What is your favorite thing to do on weekends 
|: Paula: My favorite thing to do on weekends is catch up on life. 
|: It's actually the only time I get to catch up with friends and family 
|: and have time to work out and catch a movie 
|: and do all the "normal" things in life. 
|: Even perhaps get a massage and a facial! 
|: * 
|: Britt-guest says: Hi Paula, What gave you the inspiration to make this beautiful jewelry in the first place? 
|: Paula: Hi Britt. I've been designing jewelry off and on for the past ten years. 
|: But in the past 6 years, with American Idol starting, 
|: I was so inspired by the amazing raw talent 
|: that I was able to see on the road, 
|: and I knew that if these contestants could touch, see, or feel an important message 
|: given on jewelry, it would give them the strength to persevere 
|: even if some nasty Brit was barking at them! 
|: From that point on, I created the entire inspirational line. 
|: * 
|: Anne_-guest says: The last necklace you were wearing looked like pearls with a key? What is the item number. 
|: Paula: I'm glad you asked! I'm wearing it now as we speak. 
|: It was from next month's collection, 
|: but I was able to show it how. 
|: show it now. 
|: We ran out of jewelry to sell this hour, 
|: so we were reaching for pieces that haven't even been typed yet. 
|: I'm just trying to get that number for you now, Anne - 
|: hold on a sec 
|: J18253 is the number. 
|: Sorry it took so long, but because I wasn't planning on getting this brand new piece, 
|: I had to run and find what the number was. 
|: But there you have it. 
|: It's a really fun piece that you can wrap around your neck as many times as you want, 
|: and the key actually fits inside of the heart. 
|: * 
|: Ashley_L-guest says: Hey Paula! I love you so much, your such an inspiration to me. Are you going to be designing a special piece of jewlery for the winner? 
|: Paula: Thank you so much, and you're an inspiration to me as well. 
|: I absolutely will be designing for many seasons to come. 
|: I'm excited about creating pieces especially for cold winter days 
|: that you will be very excited to see how I mix and match textures, 
|: metals, and fabrics. 
|: I am designing a specific piece that will be for the winner, 
|: and then it will be available to all the QVC audience. 
|: * 
|: Jilly-guest says: Hey Paula! What's your favorite PA jewelry piece? =) 
|: Paula: I wish I could name one, but it changes every time 
|: I see the new item on the screen! 
|: I have my classic pieces that I love, 
|: like the silver chain and heart and the horns and the star pendant 
|: and the hip clip. 
|: I don't know - I love them all 
|: and I'm just grateful to be able to continue to be creative 
|: and to be inspired by all of the people I meet on a daily basis. 
|: * 
|: samantha-guest says: hi paula, if you were trapped in an elevator, who would you rather be trapped in it with... simon cowell or ryan seacrest? 
|: Paula: They're both the same person - didn't you figure that out? 
|: They're both so competitive, if I picked one over the other, 
|: I would never be able to live it down. 
|: So I'll have to stick with both of them,' 
|: and just throw 
|: Randy in there too. 
|: * 
|: Tia-guest says: Paula, just curious, what is your reality show going to be like? Are we going to see what you do on a day to day basses or is it going to be completely different from that? Also, when is it going to air? 
|: Paula: It will be airing this summer. 
|: My life is so crazy busy that I wouldn't be able to make up 
|: anything different for added entertainment. 
|: It is going to be exactly what goes on in my daily life 
|: which is already exhausting me to think about it. 
|: It's ironic that you're asking, 
|: because there are cameras in my face from the reality show right now 
|: as I'm chatting with you. 
|: * 
|: guest-natalieluvspaula says: paula, i know you design jewerly for women, but will you ever put out any men pieces, so that guys who are 'tough' like simon could wear it? 
|: Paula: First of all, Simon is not tough. 
|: I'm toughter than he is! 
|: (j/k) 
|: I do design jewelry for men, and you can actually see the male contestants, 
|: especially Chris Blithe - he's been wearing the necklaces that I gave him 
|: and the rest of the boys. 
|: And I just gave the Top 12, both guys and girls, 
|: several piecees of jewelry. 
|: P.S. I love designing jewelry for men as well. 
|: * 
|: katie-guest says: hey paula...hope your doing well. i was just wondering what sort of movies do u like? comedy, romance, horror? 
|: Paula: My romantic life is a horror movie, 
|: which makes it very comical. 
|: -) 
|: ...and I'm telling the truth! 
|: * 
|: Lauren-guest says: You always look so amazing- what's your secret? 
|: Paula: The truth is I'm truly blessed to have my skin look the way it does 
|: since in actuality without much sleep I should look like Keith Richards 
|: from the Rolling Stones. 
|: And if you're too young to know who that is, 
|: he's the crypt-keeper! 
|: And I'm very lucky. I do tend to drink lots of water, 
|: and I only wash my face with cold water. 
|: My grandmother has this mixture that she taught me - 
|: mashing up cucumbers and banana and ice chips. 
|: And I keep that on, even though my face is freezing off, 
|: for at least 10 minutes. 
|: Good luck. Love ya! 
|: * 
|: Melanie-guest says: You wore a pretty necklace on American Idol that aired yesterday, Thursday,3/14/07.It looked like a diamond crown.Where did you get it? 
|: Paula: Funny you ask! 
|: It's part of my line. It was just brought out on the show tonight, 
|: and it sold out. 
|: It's on wait list now, J18254. 
|: * 
|: Lauren-guest says: Will there ever be a Paula Abdul theme on American Idol, where you are the mentor and the contestants sing your songs? 
|: Paula: That's a very nice thought, 
|: but Simon would rather stick toothpicks in his eyeballs 
|: that let that happen, so I don't think it will. 
|: * 
|: Kirstie-guest says: Hey Paula! Your fans (including myself) definitely adore you. What is the most memorable thing one has done for you? 
|: Paula: My fans are very kind and sweet to me, 
|: and I get so much love from them 
|: and so many photo albums and stuffed animals and amazing fan letters 
|: that keep me inspired to continue walkin' the walk, 
|: as my Dad says. 
|: So thank you to all my fans. 
|: * 
|: lcangel-guest says: Hi Paula....would you consider creating jewerly with Angels? I.e., bracelets? 
|: Paula: I love angels, 
|: and I definitely would consider it. 
|: Angels, I feel, are part of my everyday life. 
|: I have created some jewelry that had wings, 
|: and it will be coming up soon. 
|: The message to that will be "Fly without strings...spread your wings" 
|: meaning let go of the ties that bind you. 
|: Get rid of your crappy boyfriend!  
|: * 
|: Caren-guest says: Have you considered making your designs in sterling and vermeil? 
|: * 
|: Rose_Ann_Sullivan-gu says: Paula, Of all the singers that you have met, who is your most memorable? 
|: Paula: Diana Ross. 
|: And Stevie Wonder. 
|: * 
|: And Elton John too. 
|: * 
|: Trac-guest says: Hello Paula, just wanted to ask if you will be coming out with any new rings this year! You are an amazing and inspirational woman. Thanks for all that you do! 
|: And Barry Manilow. And Fantasia, the Season 3 winner. 
|: Paula: Thank you Trac. 
|: I think you've chatted with me before. 
|: Thanks for joining me again and asking such an interesting question. 
|: Yes, I will, I promise. 
|: You like rings, don't you? 
|: Did you ask about rings last time? I think I said I'd do some 
|: stackable charm rings. 
|: * 
|: Kayla-guest says: Hi Paula! Out of all the songs you have recorded, which is your favorite? 
|: Paula: Hmm, that's a hard one, like answering which is my favorite piece of jewelry. 
|: They're all special to me for different reasons. 
|: For example, Straight Up will always be a song that signifies the breakout of my 
|: singing career. 
|: And Rush Rush, Promise of New Day
|: and Blowing Kisses
|: are some other favorites. 
|: * 
|: mary-guest says: Hi Paula, I'm a huge fan! I spied you wearing 2 different rose rings today... when are they coming? 
|: Paula: Wow, you have a good eye! 
|: Hopefully that is an up and coming piece 
|: that could become available. 
|: * 
|: danielle-guest says: Paula, I loved the enormous gold heart necklace you wore during the American Idol auditions. Who makes it? Thanks in advance!  
|: Paula: Are you punking me? Come on now Danielle! Stop playing with my emotions  
|: It's my design, and it was available on QVC the last time I was here, 
|: with my handwriting on it. 
|: It says, "Love yourself - it's the beginning of a life long romance" 
|: * 
|: Jana-guest says: Hi Paula, I bought your charm "find your inner peace" and absolutely love it. My question is will you be making it and the other charms in other colors? I wear a lot of yellow gold and would love to have the inner peace charm in yellow gold tone. This one really speaks to me because I lost my Mom in September - so I'm searching for my inner peace. Thank you! 
|: Paula: First of all, I'm very sorry to hear about your loss. 
|: You will always be in my heart and prayers. 
|: Having said that, I had a production meeting today, 
|: and we discussed just that topic. 
|: I'm trying to convince the rest of my team 
|: that my fans of my jewelry would love to have the availability 
|: of different colors and variations of how to wear them. 
|: So hopefully the answer is going to be yes. 
|: And I want to, especially for you. 
|: Keep on striving for your inner peace. I love you. 
|: * 
|: Merr-guest says: What do you think is the best advice you have given to contestants on American Idol? 
|: Paula: Not to listen to Simon! 
|: * 
|: sassymercedes13-gues says: Paula, do you ever have bad days? and what do you do to help yourself though them? 
|: Paula: My days are up and down, just like everyone else's. 
|: Some days seem unbearable, 
|: but then there are a few things that I always remember: 
|: that I am truly blessed and loved by God, by my family, 
|: by my close friends, by my Chihuahuas, 
|: and by the millions of fans like you who let me know every day 
|: that I matter. 
|: And you matter too. Always hang in there, 
|: and know that doggie licks rule, especially Chihuahuas! 
|: * 
|: Jennah-guest says: Paula, I ordered your "sheriff's badge" SUPERSTAR pin, but I can't figure out how to wear it or what to wear it with. Any suggestions? Always, Jennah 
|: Paula: I have plenty of suggestions! 
|: It looks great on a jacket lapel, 
|: or on the tip of the collar of a shirt, 
|: or on a belt loop on your jeans, 
|: and even if you put a leather or suede cord or even a chain necklace through it. 
|: Have fun! Seeya! 
|: * 
|: You can even place it on top of your tennis shoe lace. 
|: * 
|: steph-guest says: How do you come up with your amazing inspirational quotes? 
|: Paula: I used to come up with my things when I'm either humbled, 
|: humiliated, inspired, or ecstatic. 
|: The best ones happen when I wake up from a dead sleep with an idea. 
|: * 
|: Carol_Ann-guest says: How long have you been designing jewelry? It is really nice. 
|: Paula: I've been designing jewelry for ten years, 
|: and have been on QVC for one year next month. 
|: * 
|: Dixiebelle-guest says: What was the first piece of jewelry that you brought to QVC? 
|: Paula: A black rubber/leather bracelet with a silver ID tag 
|: that said "Reach for the stars - you just might become one" 
|: Who knew?  
|: It's been the most succesful piece of jewelry so far. 
|: It's my "Straight Up" of jewelry. 
|: * 
|: Bekah-guest says: I love ALL of your jewelry but I would LOVE to see more rings. Are you going to stay confined to jewelry or do you plan on moving on to other aspects of design? 
|: Paula: I'm definitely moving into other areas of design - 
|: activewear, shoes, accessories, fragrance, 
|: cosmetics, doggie wear, housewares, draperies, lamps. 
|: * 
|: Erin-guest says: What is your favorite Spa treatment? 
|: Paula: Hot stone massage.
|: * 
|: _LK-guest says: What's the significance of the horn in your jewelry? 
|: Paula: To stab Simon. 
|: The horn signifies money and protection. 
|: * 
|: Michele_NJ-guest says: Just bought the heart pendant -love it! Thanks for doing this. You are great. Can you wear the heart pendant with a work button down blouse and have the heart sit over the blouse part? 
|: Paula: Yes you can. 
|: There's no wrong way of wearing it. 
|: * 
|: QVC: Paula, thank you for being here, and for answering so many questions! Do you have any final comments to add, before we have to close tonight's chat? 
|: Paula: I wish I could stay here all night long to answer more questions. 
|: Keep on asking me and inspiring me to keep on designing 
|: things that you would like to see in the future. 
|: I appreciate all of your love and support, 
|: and I hope you don't mind my humor tonight. 
|: I'm a wee bit tired, and I get a little giddy when I don't get enough sleep! 
|: Goodbye and good luck, and rock on! 
|: ** 
|: QVC: Thank you for your participation. We hope you've enjoyed this LIVE chat with Paula Abdul. 
|: . 
|: A production of LiveWorld, Inc. 
|: Copyright 2007. All rights reserved.

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