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John's Crooned His Last 'Idol' Tune

Apr 29th, 2004

April 29, 2004

It was a suspenseful half hour on "American Idol" last night as fans of the talent competition watched to see the results of the 28 million votes that were tallied -- and to see if the votes were based on talent or popularity.

The verdict? Despite having four million votes, JOHN STEVENS came to the end of his "Idol" dreams. It had been a rough road for the native New Yorker, but he will rejoin his fellow "Idols" when they begin their 50-city tour this June.

"John felt somewhat relieved," ET special correspondent and "Idol" judge PAULA ABDUL said. "I got to spend a little time with him. He has this cleansing. He is relieved. He took a sigh of relief and a breath of fresh air. We would never know what it feels like. He has gone through a tremendous amount of pressure."

First, host RYAN SEACREST divided the Idols into two groups. Group A included FANTASIA BARRINO, DIANA DeGARMO and LA TOYA LONDON. Group B was the remaining Idols: GEORGE HUFF, John and JASMINE TRIAS.

It was a happy surprise to learn that this week Group A included the top three vote getters. Then Jasmine was sent back to safety, leaving only the two guys.

Tuesday night the Idols performed to the music of GLORIA ESTEFAN, backed by Gloria's band, the MIAMI SOUND MACHINE. The breakdown was: Fantasia, "Get On Your Feet," which she dedicated to the departed JENNIFER HUDSON; George, "Live for Loving You"; La Toya, "Rhythm Is Gonna Get You"; John "Music of My Heart"; Jasmine, "Here We Are" and Diana, "Turn The Beat Around."

"Gloria's music is something you feel," Paula said. "It is in you. It was apparent with the contestants. Some of them could feel it; some of them were disconnected. All in all, it was a blast to hear the band. Latin music is something you are born with, or not. It's as simple as that."

But even though Paula had a front-row seat for the performance, she wouldn't venture a guess as to who would be sent home.

What she was adamant about, though, was the fact that John Stevens has 
as much right as anyone to still be a part of the competition. Earlier this week John's mother, LYNN, went to "Idol" producers after she heard a deejay remark during a radio bit not to worry about John because, at the first
concert, "Somebody will take him out."

"He was very brave about the potential threat, however he was scared. He doesn't know what is real, what is not," said Paula, adding, "The look on John's face when he talks about his school dance, it just lights up. He is looking forward to going back home to see his friends and teachers, and I am sure his hometown can't wait to celebrate."

Another Idol who Paula felt had a rough week was George. He was especially close to Jennifer and was still suffering that loss, on top of which he wasn't feeling well, and to add insult to injury, he had to listen to SIMON COWELL, who called him "amateurish."

On the plus side, Paula felt that Diana "got it" on Tuesday night.

"Diana DeGarmo's strength comes in challenges in music heavy with R&B and Latin influences," she said. "She rises to that challenge. She has the vocal chops to do it."

Courtesy of ETOnline.

Filed under: American Idol


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