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2002 News

December 2002- Paula is mentioned in this month's InStyle Magazine.  You'll find a small picture in the section on the history of boots.

December 31st- Paula will appear on VH1's "100 Sexiest Artists" at 4pm ET.

December 30th- 12:30pm ET Paula will be on the MTV Video Music Awards and at the same time on VH1 will appear on a rerun of "Rock The House."

December 20th- ( Paula will be featured on VH1's "I Love the 80's: 1989". Check your local listings for time/channel.  Also Paula Abdul hosts "100 Greatest Dance Songs: Hour 5, Numbers 20-1" reairs today at 8:00 AM PST.

December 18th- Paula will be on "Kelly Clarkson: Driven" which reruns on VH1 at 10:30pm EST.  Check your local listings for time/channel.

December 16th- One lucky fan's home gets decorated by Paula Abdul on VH1's new series "Rock The House" which airs today at 8pm PST on VH1.

Also, The American Idol Game web site presents the Paula Abdul Video Contest. Get your copy of the American Idol CDROM Game and create your video today! Click here.

December 13th- "The Waiting Game" costarring Paula Abdul reairs at 1 PM on Women's Entertainment Network.  

December 9th- "Kelly Clarkson: Driven" reruns on VH1 at 10:30pm EST.

December 8th- "Touched by Evil" reairs on the Lifetime Movie Network at 10:00 AM EST

December 7th- "Touched by Evil" reairs on the Lifetime Movie Network at 8:30 PM EST.

December 5th to 12th- Paula Abdul has a hand-decorated a Christmas ornament for the Starlight Children's Foundation available for you to bid on at eBay. Click hereto see pictures of the ornament.

December 2nd- There is a small picture of Paula on page 131 of this weeks People Magazine. Paula reveals a male celebrity that she admires.

November 26th- "Simply The Best" a record label in the Netherlands is rereleasing Paula's 'Greatest Hits.' The packaged is being distributed by Empire Music Group Inc.  Also happening today, Paula Abdul's bedroom is mentioned (with picture) in Star magazine this week.

November 22nd- (Source: Nicole) Paula will be on Entertainment Tonight to talk about AI2.  Check your local listings for time/channel.

November 21st- "Kelly Clarkson: Driven" reruns on VH1 at 1:30pm EST.

November 20th- "VH1's 100 Sexiest Artists" reruns on VH1 at 3pm EST.

November 18th- Paula will be on VH1's "100 Sexiest Artists" (100-81)

November 11th to 15th- (Source: Nicole) Paula will be on "Hollywood Squares" all week-long.  Click Here to view their biography on Ms. Abdul.

November 2002- Paula is in the November issue of Women's Health and Fitness Magazine.  Get your copy in stores now.  Also, Adam Sandler mentions Paula's name in his third version of his popular "Hanukah" song he's been singing to promote his new movie, "8 Crazy Nights".

October 24th- Entertainment Tonight's web site reports that Paula Abdul and Sesame Workshop are working on a instructional dance video for kids which is due out in March of 2003.

October 22nd- Paula's on ET tonight and confirms she, Simon and Randy will be back for a second season of American Idol.

October 21st- "The Waiting Game" reruns on WE (Women's Entertainment Network) at 7pm PST.

October 17th- Paula's on ET tonight!  Check your local listings for time.

October 16th- Paula attends the GQ Men of the Year Awards.  She's also on ET tonight!

October 15th- (Source: Nicole)  The "VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards air live tonight at 9pm from Radio City Music Hall. Paula will be covering the event for Entertainment Tonight so keep watching ET!   Also tonight... Paula Abdul is one of the artists featured on VH1's "100 Sexiest Artists" which airs today at 4PM EST on VH1.

October 14th- (Source: Nicole) Entertainment Tonight will be behind the scenes of "The Disco Ball" celebration.

October 13th- (
Paula is one of many artists confirmed to be performing at "The Disco Ball -- A 30th Anniversary Celebration" which will be broadcast on ABC with an air date yet to be determined.  Paula is slated to perform Donna Summer's "Hot Stuff."  Tickets to the event are available via Ticketmaster, with proceeds benefiting the AIDS Project LA.

October 10th- (Source: Nicole)  Good Day Live showed clips of Paula at the Emmy's and reported that she is going to be in the new issue of PEOPLE magazine, about Women in Hollywood and the way they look.

October 9th- Paula's appearance on SNL reruns today on Comedy Central.

October 8th- The American Idol tour begins today!

October 6th- VH1 airs their "100 Sexiest Artists" mentioning Paula.  Airs at 10:00am ET

October 2nd- Paula will be featured on VH1's 100 Sexiest Artists show at 11:00am PST.

October 1st- American Idol- The Limited Edition Video & DVD ships today. It includes special packaging, behind-the-scenes photos, and loads of footage from the summers' biggest hit TV show! Click Here to pre-order the video for $14.99 on VHS or $19.99 on DVD.  You can view all of the American Idol products in our Paula Abdul Store at Click Here.

Also... be sure to catch "Touched by Evil" which airs October 1st on Lifetime. Check your local listings for time and channel.  (Source: Nicole)

September 28th/29th- Paula will appear on "Kelly Clarkson- Driven" on VH1 at 8pm EST. Check local listings for time/channel information.

September 26th- "The Waiting Game" reruns on WE (Women's Entertainment Network) at 12:30pm PST.

September 23rd- American Idol in Las Vegas: A Two-hour Special airs today at 8pm ET/PT on FOX. The special will feature a concert performance by all 30 of the singing hopefuls who made it to the finals in the competition. In addition, Kelly Clarkson will sing her new single, "A Moment Like This". Ryan Seacrest and Brian Dunkleman, will also appear on the special.

Paula Abdul is also co-hosting today on Good Day Live. (Source:

Also, Kelly Clarkson scheduled to appear on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno tonight. Visit her OFFICIAL web site

September 22nd- Paula attends the 54th Annual Prime-time Emmy Awards. She also makes an appearance at the ET/GLAMOUR Emmy Party Celebrating a Night of GLAMOUR on Sunset.

September 21st- (Source: Paula scheduled to appear on the Prime-time Creative Arts Emmy Awards at 5pm PST on E!

September 20th- Paula will again be on Entertainment Tonight promoting the American Idol reunion and concert.

September 19th- (Source: Nicole)  Paula will be on Entertainment Tonight in Las Vegas backstage for a reunion with the American Idol gang.  Check with your local listings.

September 17th- Kelly Clarkson's single arrives in stores today!

September 16th- (Source: Nicole)  Paula Abdul is mentioned in this week's US Weekly Magazine on page 61. She mentions she's working on putting together her own clothing line and is putting "finishing touches" on her 5th studio album.

Also... VH1's 100 Greatest Dance Songs re-airs today.  Paula Abdul hosts.  You can also catch Paula on Entertainment tonight... Tonight! Check your local listings for time.

September 14th- Paula scheduled to be on MAD TV tonight on FOX. Check your local listings for time and channel.  Video clips are available in our Multimedia section.  Also, Paula attends the Creative Arts Emmy Awards today. (Sept. 14th)

September 11th- Paula's Cheerleading Camp episode of Saturday Night Live re-airs today on Comedy Central at 8pm EST.

September 5th- American Idol is coming to your town! Check tour dates in our TOUR section and buy your tickets now! Also visit the tour section to find out how you can get two free tickets to the show in Las Vegas.

September 4-5th- If you missed it, Paula's guest appearance on the Craig Killborn Show re-airs tonight.

September 4th- Catch Paula, Simon and Randy on "American Idol" tonight on FOX!

September 3rd- (Source:  Paula is on Good Day Live today. She briefly discussed her career again and says she 'definitely' plans on doing music again.  She also said she has been receiving offers.

September 2nd- Paula was a guest on "The Caroline Rhea Show" today. If you missed it, it will re-air next Monday at midnight EST.  Check your local listings for time/channel. Paula Abdul also sat in for Mary Hart on Entertainment Tonight, today.  Look for video clips in our multimedia section.

August 29th- (Source: Nicole)  As one of the "American Idol" judges, is Paula Abdul too easy on the contestants? Chat with Paula about the pressures of being a judge on this hit show and what goes on behind the scenes with Randy and Simon. Chat begins on Thursday, August 29 at 1pm ET/10am PT.

August 28th- On the next American Idol, Episode 23: Three becomes two, as the votes decide which pair should prepare for the final sing-off.

August 26th- Rick Dees welcomed Paula Abdul to the Dees Studio ( as she sat in with Ellen K.

August 25th- (Source: Paula will be a guest on the premiere of "The Caroline Rhea Show" airing on Monday, September 2nd.

August 19th- Paula is in this weeks PEOPLE Magazine! Page 72 "In the Spotlight."

August 13th- Paula Abdul co-hosts Good Day Live today.

August 12th- Catch all three of the American Idol judges with Christina Christian on MTV's TRL today!

August 9th- American Idol is featured on the cover of this week's Entertainment Weekly magazine. Paula was on FOX Sports Net today. For the video, click here.

August 7th- reports Paula Abdul, Simon and Randy will present at this years MTV Video Music Awards on August 29.  Kylie Minogue ("Spinning Around") is also scheduled to present.

August 4th- Paula attends the Teen Choice Awards. The show also airs on FOX.

August 2nd- The movie, "Master of Disguise" starring Dana Carvey with choreography by Paula Abdul, opens today.

August 1st- (Source: Paula will be on today's episode of Entertainment Tonight!

July 29th- The judges from American Idol appear on the Today Show on NBC.

July 25th- Chat with all three American Idol judges at 1 pm ET/10 am PT on the official American Idol web site (

July 24th- (Source: Nicole)  Nicole reports, Paula Abdul will be on the cover of this December's issue "Women's Health and Fitness" magazine.

July 23rd- Paula co-hosts Good Day Live today and will also be on Entertainment Tonight for a behind-the-scenes look at American Idol.

July 19th- Paula guests on E! News Live today.

July 18th- (Source: Paula Abdul hosts "Good Day Live" with actress Carmen Electra today.

July 16th- Paula appears on Good Day Live today.

July 15th- Paula will be the guest on Craig Killborn's show tonight on CBS.

July 14th- (Source: Nicole)  The American Idol judges are featured on the cover of this week's TV Guide.

July 13th- Paula Abdul is featured is in a large article on American Idol in this week's issue of Entertainment Weekly.

July 2nd- Paula was mentioned on Extra TV.

June 26th- Paula mentioned briefly on Access Hollywood Tonight.

June 19th- Happy 40th Birthday to Paula Abdul!

June 14th-
 Paula Abdul co-hosts Good Day Live today.

June 11th- Paula is featured on tonight's episode of Entertainment Tonight talking about her eating disorder and American Idol.

June 5th- Paula attends the Los Angeles Lakers vs. New Jersey Nets, Game 1 of the NBA Finals.

April 29th- "Eighties choreographer-turned-pop star Paula Abdul will be one of three industry pros offering constructive criticism to contestants of Fox's new reality series "American Idol," set for broadcast June 11.

Potential "idols," aged 16-24, can audition for the program which week after week whittles down a crop of contestants until only one remains at New York's Millennium Broadway Hotel on Monday (April 29), and if selected, they'll show their skills before Abdul's judging panel two days later at callbacks."

April 26th- Paula Abdul is the new spokeswoman for Pop Warner Cheerleaders.  She was the recipient of the Little Scholars Lifetime Achievement award.

April 25th- Paula appears in "Vogue Magazine's Day of Fashion."

April 16th 2002- Black Knight released on DVD with a special Paula Abdul choreography featurette.

April 1st & 2nd- Paula Abdul co-hosts today on Los Angeles based "Good Day Live".

March 16th- Paula was one of the performers at Liza Minelli's wedding.


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