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1999 News

January 12th, 1999- Paula Abdul was a presenter with Howie Mandell at the 25th American Music Awards!

January 13th- Paula promotes "Cardio Dance" on "Donny & Marie" the talk show.

March 1st- New Album Postponed: The merger between Universal Music Group and PolyGram (which Mercury Records is under) led to a major corporate restructuring as well as a number of layoffs for many music acts, which includes Abdul.
April 19th- "Sweet Charity" the Broadway play is canceled today.

May 7th- Paula Abdul plays "Sasha", a popular starlett on The Wayans Brothers show. She tricks one of the Wayans Brothers into thinking she wants sex, when actually she didn't want to have sex with him- she just wanted him to be her "sperm-donor."

May 10th- Paula was on Los Angeles' KTLA's morning show to promote "Cardio Dance".

June 15th- Paula sues a juice promoter.

July 20th- Paula attends a screening of "The Haunting."

July 19th- Also choreographing, Abdul is the lead in a new run of the musical "Sweet Charity" which opens at the Weidner Auditorium, Green Bay, WI, set to hit Broadway for the 1999/2000 season.  Abdul's first album in four years is scheduled for release during the summer.

October 19th- Re-release of "For Our Children" 10th Anniversary CD.

October 24th- Co. Dance National Championships air on ESPN 2.

October 31st- Paula's new made-for-television movie, "Mr. Rock N Roll- The Alan Freed Story" airs today.

November 12th- TV Guide reports, "Former pop-music princess Paula Abdul plays herself on the Nov. 12 episode of ABC's Sabrina, the Teenage Witch."- (Salem the cat has a crush on Paula)

November 16th- Paula made an appearance at Michael Douglas' Award Ceremony today.

November 30th- The "Straight Up" music video ranks in at number 49 in TV Guides Top 100 Music Videos of all time.

December 9th- The "Straight Up" music video was featured on MTV's "100 Greatest Music Video's" show today.

Also, Paula's producer informs us that Paula has practically finished recording half of her forthcoming album which is currently titled "Paula's Ticks of Love" and is due out the Summer of 2000.

Abdul's album will feature more dance music and more love songs. We were privileged enough to have the honor to listen to one of the new tracks which is titled "Karma."

Her producer also noted that "Crazy Love" will appear on Virgin Records release of Paula Abdul- The Greatest Hits (US) release, which is due out the first quarter of 2000. 

December 13th- Paula's producer informs us Paula has not signed on with a record label at this time but is in the process of finding the label that is right for her. We also were told the names of three new tracks appearing on the next album.  They are, ""Karma" ,"Circle of Love" and "Over & Over"

December 16th- Dustin signs over to McCartney Multimedia for the release of Paula's Official web site. Dustin agrees to take on as the Official Fan Site.


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