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1998 News

March 9th, 1998- Paula Abdul files for divorce in Los Angeles Superior Court, after just 16 months of marriage.

May- Songwriter Jennifer Marks has stated that she has written along with co-writer Peter Bliss; a song that will be featured on Paula Abdul's still-to-be-released Greatest Hits album. The song is titled "You've Got Me Wrong". Jennifer wrote it with Paula in mind, and said that it is an up-tempo song.  Jennifer states, "I thought it was appropriate because the media seems to have a field day with her personal life. I figured this could be a way for her to tell them off a little."

Paula Abdul is listed as "artists in the studio" in the What's New section of Mercury Records web site. There is still no Mercury 'official' Paula page on their web site.

May 9th- She makes a guest appearance on NBC's "Saturday Night Live".

June- Paula will co-star in an upcoming movie entitled "The Waiting Game" which will be televised on the Movie Channel on August 8th 1998 at 9:00 pm. The Movie Channel's website states the movie is "Based on the novel by New York Times Best Selling Author Jayne Ann Krentz."

Paula will play Amy Fuentes, and the movie also stars Chris Potter (from Silk Stalkings fame). The movie was directed by Victor Sarin and Produced by Harlequin Romance Movies.

Paula appeared at the premier of the new movie "Six Nights, Seven Days" starring Harrison Ford.

Nile Rodgers also announced that he just finished working with Paula Abdul on her Greatest Hits album.

July- Paula Abdul hosts Company Dance's national championship broadcasted from Disney World on ESPN (airdate October 5th).

July 6th- Paula Abdul sells her five-bedroom, 6,800-square-foot Spanish-style villa to Tom Arnold and his wife. The Arnolds paid close to the $2.4 million asking price for the home which is in a gated community.

August 5th- Company Dance reports, ESPN will air the recent 1998 Nationals on September 28th at 10:00 pm EST.

Ask Billboard, a weekly feature of Billboard Online, recently published a viewer letter and response regarding Paula's upcoming albums.

August 8th- "The Waiting Game" airs on the Movie Channel.

August 11th- Paula made an appearance on the Howie Mandel Show today to promote Company Dance as well as her upcoming album! Paula said she is still in the middle of recording the album and that it will focus heavily on dance. "It's what my fans want, it's what I love to do, it's gonna be a real conceptual dance album" says Paula. She said it would be out in the first quarter of next year! In the meantime, Paula is also busy with her next dance instructional video which she will be taping in the next few weeks (to be released in October '98).

September- On "Regis & Kathy Lee" Paula announced that she will be on Broadway touring in a popular Bob Fosse musical! She also said that her dance competition will air on October 8th and 11th on ESPN. 

Paula Abdul's new book, "Real-Life Reader Biography: Paula Abdul" will be out this December. You'll find it online at our Store.

October 2nd- Paula Abdul announces that she will choreograph and act in the upcoming "Sweet Charity" on Broadway.

October 5th- The Company Dance National Championships hosted by Paula in Orlando aired on ESPN tonight. See the Company Dance home page for further information.

December 30th- "Cardio Dance" is released.

Billboard Online confirms the release of Paula's Greatest Hits album which is scheduled for release on March 9th, 1999.


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