Morgan Meets Paula Abdul

Here is my testimonial of the 5/7/04 Times Square Event:

Morgan meets Paula Abdul

After waiting 14 years of my life, I finally met Paula Abdul.

My friend and I rode 2 hours in a car, 7 hours on a bus from Richmond,
VA, to Times Square, New York just to meet this awesome person - and
boy was it worth it!

We walked into Toys R Us @ about 12:45pm and there was no one in line
which was perfect, because of course I couldn't my best
friend Melissa and I were the very first people in line, and waited
there until 3pm which wasnt so bad... :) We met some Paula fans and
chilled with them which was really cool because its hard these days to
find any real hardcore ones lol, and we all talked about how excited
we were and we were freakin out.

So 3pm came around and I was getting so nervous my hands were getting
all cold and I was getting jittery...and they let the first 10-12
people in line go up on the elevator to meet her. So we went up and I
was thinking "Oh gosh what am I going to do...what am I going to
say..?" lol the elevator doors opened and what do you know, we had to
form another line again and wait lol.

So we waited and there was sort of a wall there so we couldn't really
see what was going on too much, but you could see around it a little
bit...and Paula went over to the balcony in Toys R Us to wave to the
people in the floor below and when I saw her I was like "OH MY GOSH,
THAT'S HER!" and I was just like in a state of shock. We waited for
another 20 mins. which felt like an hour... because the press were
taking photos of her and these microdancer things.

They were playing "Straight Up" and "Cold Hearted" in the background
and me, Melissa, and this girl we met Megan, all started singing it loud lol because we knew Paula could hear was funny.

But, this security lady that was standing there was all like, "I think you
need to be quiet because people downstairs are trying to shop." I'm thinking- It's freakin Paula Abdul day... lol.

So the time came and they opened the wall and let 5 people go through
at a time and we walked up in a line and stopped, where we were like
15 feet away from her and she was sitting at the table getting ready.
I was just standing there and my heart started pumping out of my
chest! I was asking the event staff around me where can I put my bag
and where do I go because I didn't think it was possible that I was
going to sit with her...but they said I just go and sit down and this
dude was like "What do I look like, the purse holder?" ahaha and I was
like "" and then he was like "'s corduroy bag,
and it's almost Memorial Day!" ahahaha.

Okay enough with that previous junk...let's get onto the real deal.

So they were like "okay go ahead" and I was going insane inside my
head and she looked so awesome. She had long brown hair, and a black
top with a white strap going over one shoulder with white pants. I put
my purse down and sat...and she was looking the other way doing
something not knowing that they started letting people through and she
turned around and said "Oh hey! I didnt realize you were here! Sorry i
was flailin around..." and I was just smiling and I said "That's
okay!" and she hugged me - and she gives great, full hugs, not weak,
distanced ones. She said "It's nice to meet you, what's your name?"
and I said "Morgan" and she repeated it back to me and I said yeah!
and then I told her that I traveled 9 hours to get here to meet her
and she said something like "thats great!" and she gave me another
hug! 2 hugs man! TWO. Then I gave her a letter and told her that I
wrote it because I didn't think I would be able to talk that long to
her, and she was like "aww really?" and I said "yeah...I've been
waiting 14 years for this moment" and then she looked at me and
touched my necklace and goes "HEY! You're wearing my necklace!" and I
was like "YEAH! I got it for my birthday!" and she was like "When's
your birthday?" and I said "July 4th...I got it last year." She just
kept smiling the whole time and grabbing my hand and arm, she didn't
rush me at all and she made me feel so comfortable. It was like I
wasn't even sitting with a celebrity. She was the sweetest person and
down to earth, and she seemed like she was just as excited as I was.
It made me totally relax and not make an idiot out of myself :). So
after all that the polaroid man took our picture and gave it to me
which was my cue to move on...and Paula was like "wait a minute, we
didn't even get to pose! take another one." and i was thinking "yeah
polaroid man...trying to interrupt our good conversation and take a
bad tell him, Paula!" ahaha So we posed, and she held my
hand and then I got up and she said "It was nice to meet you Morgan!"
and i was like "It was so nice to meet you too! (DUH.)" and that was

I walked off and was totally in a fog...and as i was walking away I
yelled out "WOO HOO!!!!! I MET HER! YEEEAHHH!!!" and people stared at
me but I didn't care because why should I care I just met Paula Abdul.
Then Melissa came up after me and goes "Morgan! you forgot to give her
your letter!" and i was like oh shoot. I was so caught up in the
moment, I didn't even give her the letter lol. So i went back and her
manager was there and I asked him if he would give it to her and he
said yes...and I kind of waited there and he was like "I promise I
will give it to her, you have my word!" ahahah.

The whole rest of the night all I could think about was what I
experienced...People came up to me and told me that I was there for a
long time sitting with her and I didn't really realize it but I guess
it could have been for 3-5 minutes, she let me talk to her. I don't
know if it was because I was the first person in line or she just
thought I was cool (ahaha) I don't know, It was great.

So the whole experience was like a roller coaster ride. You wait 3
hours to get there, you have a short amount of time to have fun, and
before you know it, it's over. Except mine was more like wait 14
years, and talk to Paula for 3-5 minutes. I am so greatful though,
because I know that many people will not get to do what I did, but for
those who haven't yet, just keep believing you will. All my life I
knew some how, some way I would meet her. I just knew it. The Lord has
blessed me well.

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