Meghan Meets Paula Abdul

Meghan and Paula Abdul

I've been a huge fan of Paula Abdul since I can remember.  The quote that comes into my head when I think of Paula is "Some People Make the World Special just by being in it."  When I was little I took dancing and we always danced to her songs.

As I grew older I became a fan of the amazing person she is and vowed to meet her someday.  That dream came true on 5/7/04. As soon as I found out she was going to be in New York City, I called into work and told my cousin she was coming with me.

We drove to NYC from Massachusetts because I knew I would never get this chance again.  When I got in line I met Morgan (who posted her story already) and we became instant friends:)  We sang Paula songs and waited anxiously for our turn to meet our idol. When it was my turn I went and sat down with her and she gave me a hug and said "you are so beautiful!" and I was like "no you are, I wish I looked like you".. she's so nice!

Then she asked what my name was and she's like "nice to meet you Meg!"...
I told her that I came from Mass and she thanked me for coming so far....she said I was so sweet to get her the gifts (even though she didn't open them cuz we didn't have time)...when I was leaving she gave me another hug and I said "I love you" and she goes "I Love you too Sweetie!!!!!!"

I couldn't believe it, she is the best person ever... she even held my hand in the picture! AWWWWW!

If anyone is curious what I gave her for a gift I wrote her a poem that I framed (where I had the first words of the sentences going down her songs) and I gave her this wicked cute shirt that says "Simon Said I was good".. :)

Here is my poem:

Forever you'll be an American idol to so many fans across the miles
Your genuine heart and amazing talents bring so many smiles
Girl, you're incredible at everything you do
Crazy how you're talented yet remain so true
Cool, beautiful, genuine, brilliant are your qualities and more
Ain't nothing about you that your fans do not adore
Never without a smile, warming many hearts worldwide
Gonna shine like the brightest star, pushing all others aside
Give yourself a pat on the back, your endless talents grow each day
You truly are an angel brightening the world in many ways
Up till now I never thought that this dream would come true
Straight from Massachusetts I came just for a chance to meet you
Up until now I've been waiting to thank you and say
Paula, you're my shining star, amazing in every way

So, on 5/7 my dream came true and I think these quotes sum everything up pretty well:

"Some days are meant to be remembered, those days you rise above the stars!"

"Some dreams live on in time forever, those dreams you want with all your heart!"

Thank you Paula, for being the greatest, most genuine, amazing person in the entire world. I love you! - The Official Paula Abdul Fan Site
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