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Knocked Out single


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Knocked Out
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Knocked Out

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“Knocked Out” was the first song Paula recorded for her album and was also chosen to be the first commercial single from the “Forever Your Girl” album.

“Knocked Out” was written and produced by Babyface, L.A. Reid and Daryl Simmons in 1987.

Still image from the Knocked Out music videoThe song was originally included on a Virgin Records sampler for the launch of Virgin Records America.  In the spring of 1988 it was released as a single to test Abdul's commercial appeal. "Knocked Out" proved to be very successful for a low budget single, but failed to reach the Billboard Hot 40 chart.

The original music for "Knocked Out" video was directed by Danny Kleinman and Limelight Film and Video Productions. It featured Abdul and a large number of dancers working out dance routines on the dance floor. The video received little airplay from MTV and slowly faded from the music scene.

A second video for “Knocked Out” was created to promote a re-release
of the single in the UK. The video was re-edited by Jim Gable (8-1-89)
Still image from the UK video for Knocked Outand was focused on a boxing match, while screen caps of Abdul's other
videos including clips from the original “Knocked Out” video played in
the background.

In the UK, "Knocked Out" was released three times. It was originally Abdul's first single, and charted on September 24, 1988, peaking at a lowly #98. Following the success of "Straight Up" and its follow-up "Forever Your Girl", "Knocked Out" was reissued and peaked at #45 on 19 August 1989, just missing out on the all-important Top 40. Finally, after the huge success of "Opposites Attract" in 1990, the single was extensively reworked by Shep Pettibone and it finally cracked the UK Top 30, peaking at #21 on the 28th July 1990.

The remixed version of "Knocked Out" which was released in the UK as well as Germany was from the Shut Up and Dance remix album. While this version was not issued as a single in the United States, it did receive significant airplay and just missed the American Top 40, peaking at #41.

The video was released commercially on VHS but not DVD and is available for download on the U.S. iTunes store.

Single Releases & Tracklisting

Knocked Out

US 12" Record 0-96661:

1. Knocked Out - Extended Mix
2. Knocked Out - Instrumental
3. Knocked Out - Radio Edit  [Lyrics]
4. Knocked Out - TKO Dub

US Cassette 99329-4:

1. Knocked Out - LP
2. Knocked Out - Instrumental

UK 12" Record SRNT 92:

1. Knocked Out - Extended Mix
2. Knocked Out - Instrumental
3. Knocked Out - TKO Dub

UK 12" Record VUST 23:

1. Knocked Out - Pettibone 12"
2. The Way that You Love Me - Housafire Edit
3. Straight Up - Kevin Saunderson House Mix

UK 5" CD SRNCD 92:

1. Knocked Out - Extended Mix
2. Knocked Out - Instrumental
3. Knocked Out - 7" Version
4. Knocked Out - TKO Dub

UK 5" CD VUSCD 23:

1. Knocked Out - Pettibone Edit
2. The Way That You Love Me - Houseafire Edit
3. Forever Your Girl - 7" Remix
4. Opposites Attract - 7" Version

Single Credits

Written by L.A. Reid/Babyface/D. Simmons
Produced by L.A. & Babyface for Laface Productions, Inc.

© 1988 Kermy Music/Hip Trip Music (BMI)
Lead Vocals: Paula Abdul
Keyboards: Babyface
Drums, Percussion Programming: L.A. Reid
Backing Vocals: Paula Abdul, Pebbles, Yvette Marine, Darryl Simmons, Babyface
Bass Synths: Kayo
Recorded at Studio Masters & Silverlake, Hollywood, CA
Mixed at Galaxy Sound, Hollywood, CA
Recording & Mix engineer: Jon Gass for Ratstyle Productions

Knocked Out (Dance Mix) Video Credits
O Pictures, Inc.

Directed by Michael Patterson and Candace Recklinger.  Produced by Carl Wyant.
Executive Producers: Sharon Oreck and Richard Bell.  Director of Photography: Eric Engler
Art Director: Guy Greville-Morris
Editors: Jim Haygood, Alan Carter and Gino Gable

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