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Junior High School


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Junior High School (Blu Ray)


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Junior High School

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Junior High School is a 1978 musical featurette starring P. David Ebersole as Jerry Sanders.
Still image of Paula Abdul in Junior High School
The story begins with Sherry (Paula Abdul) declaring plans to hold a party that night. Upon hearing about this party, Jerry's friend Paul (Kirk Burnett) encourages him to ask his crush Lori Scott (Karen Capelle) to accompany him to the event.

On his way to doing this Jerry encounters several obstacles, including repeated run-ins with Keith (Mikal Robert Taylor), a school bully, and Vicki (Toni Mazarin), an ill-intentioned girl who hopes Jerry will ask her to the party so she can spite a previous boyfriend.

The film consists of seven songs along with several dance numbers.

The only member of the cast to become well-known later was Paula Abdul, though she played a relatively minor role in the film.

The popular amateur film has garnered a cult-like following over the years and is commonly shown at film festivals including the U.S.A. Film Festival.

Production Notes and Credits

Directed by: Michael Nankin and David Wechter

Written by Steve Jacobson, Briana London, Michael Nankin, David Wechter

Starring: P. David Ebersole, Paula Abdul, Kirk Burnett, Karen Capelle, Mikal Robert Taylor and Toni Mazarin

Music by David Wechter and Julius Wechter

Cinematography: Steve Jacobson

Editing by Steve Jacobson and Briana London

Distributed by: Tapeworm Video Distributors

Release date: 1978 (VHS) / 2012 (Blu Ray)

Running time: 37 min


Junior High School

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