Jackie Meets Paula Abdul

Jacqueline Meets Paula Abdul!

Because my brother, Christian, was a fan of Paula Abdul, my first encounter seeing Paula Abdul was at her Spellbound Concert with my family, back in 1991 at Nassau Coliseum in Long Island, New York.

I'll never forget that show because of how Paula poured her heart and soul into that performance. It was so entertaining that I haven't seen anything that has come close to it after all these years.

I always vowed that if I ever had the opportunity to see her again I would.  Fortunately, that chance came May 7th, 2004 at Toys R Us in NYC. Incredibly not only did I get to see her but also pleasure of meeting her, as well.

While waiting on line to meet with her, I was able to see her meet her fans.
I was so impressed with the qualities she demonstrated.  She made each person feel special, especially a very nice guy who came from the West Coast just to meet her. I can honestly say she is even sweeter and nicer that she appears on TV.

The world would be a beautiful place to live in if everyone cared about people like Paula Abdul does.

I just hope 13 years don't pass  before I see her in person again.

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