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Get Up and Dance


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Get Up and Dance


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Get Up and Dance

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Still image of Paula Abdul in Get Up and DanceArtisian Entertainment in association with LIVE Entertainment bring you “Paula Abdul’s Get Up and Dance!” The first fitness workout video from choreographer turned pop-sensation Paula Abdul!

“Get Up and Dance” is Paula Abdul’s version of her own successful workout program that she created because Paula herself, had a hard time keeping ‘on-track’ with other workout programs.

Two of Paula’s long-time friends (and also choreographer’s) Bill Bohl and Nancy O’Meara co-host the workout.

You may also recognize them as dancers on Paula’s worldwide
“Under My Spell” tour to promote her “Spellbound” album.

The workout also features a dozen “normal people” hand-picked by Paula herself to help out as background dancers. Nancy, Bill and Paula worked with the crowd and taught them the workout moves for the video; now it’s your turn!

Paula’s workout is kept active with such music as “Promise of a New Day” and “(It’s Just) The Way that You Love Me.”

Nancy and Bill also keep everyone on their toes as they lead a very lengthy toning session.  The background dancers “surprise” Paula in the middle of her ‘cool down’ speech and they all break out and dance to a golden oldie- The Village People’s smash hit, “YMCA”!

The video is an aerobic dance workout that is so fun you’ll forget all about the fitness part! The workout combines high and low impact aerobics and focuses on burning all that unwanted fat.

The workout is safe and effective! Best of all its a great time for everyone who participates and is by definition a workout that you’ll look forward to!

You’ll have so much fun dancing with Paula and the gang that you’ll wanna bust a move too!

So why not get started now?  Get up and Dance!

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Production Notes and Credits

LIVE Entertainment presents “Paula Abdul’s Get Up & Dance”

Director: Steve Purcell
Produced by: Tammara Wells

One Heart Productions Exercise Consultant: Karen Voight
Choreographers: Paula Abdul, Nancy O’Meara and Bill Bohl
Executive Producer: Cathy Allin

Runs 54 minutes

©1994 LIVE Entertainment Inc.


Get Up and Dance


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