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Cold Hearted


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Cold Hearted
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Cold Hearted

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"Cold Hearted" is a single from Paula Abdul's album Forever Your Girl, written and produced by Elliot Wolff.
The song was co-produced by Keith “K.C.” Cohen.

The song hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, becoming the album's third song to top the US chart.

"Cold Hearted" topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart for one week in September 1989, and ranked sixth in the
"Top 100 hits of 1989". It spent a total of eight weeks on the Billboard Top 10.

A "Cold Hearted" remix was the final UK release from Forever Your Girl in 1990. In the US and elsewhere, an edit of the album version was released instead. It charted on September 29,1990 at #55, and peaked at #46 the following week. The “Cold Hearted” remix was the follow-up to the Shep Pettibone remix of "Knocked Out" which had reached #21 three months previously.

Still from All That JazzGrowing up as a child Paula idolized people such as Gene Kelly and
Liza Minnelli. (She even met them as a child.)  Another person who Paula idolized was the legendary choreographer Bob Fosse. Her inspiration for the “Cold Hearted” music video was from Bob Fosse’s dance sequence “Erotica” in “All That Jazz”. The video also depicts Paula making fun of record label executives. Fosse directed Broadway favorites such as “Cabaret”, “All That Jazz” & “Sweet Charity.”

In a PEOPLE Magazine article Fosse once commented on Paula’s choreography. “He said that he admired my style as a young choreographer, and how I have unpredictability in my choreography — the ability to turn right when everyone expects me to turn left.  It was the biggest compliment I ever received”, said Paula. Fosse died in 1987.

The “Cold Hearted” music video was directed by David Fincher and spent more than three weeks on top of MTV's video rotation list. The video incorrectly depicts violin players playing the instrument in the middle of the video; the music you hear is not actually a violin but keyboard synthesizers.

Still image from Paula Abdul's Cold Hearted music video

The video was released commercially on VHS and DVD and is also available for download on the U.S. iTunes store.

Single Releases & Tracklisting

Cold Hearted

US 12" Record 0-96546:

1. Cold Hearted - Extended Version  [Lyrics]
2. Cold Hearted - House Mix
3. Cold Hearted - Dubstramental
4. Cold Hearted - Percapella
5. One or the Other - LP

US 12" Record 0-96535:

1. Cold Hearted - Quivern 12"
2. Cold Hearted - 7" Edit
3. Cold Hearted - Chillin' Bass Dub
4. Cold Hearted - Acapella
5. Cold Hearted - Instrumental

US Cassette 7 99196-4:

1. Cold Hearted - 7" Version
2. One or the Other - LP

UK 12" Record VUSTX 27:

1. Cold Hearted - House Mix
2. Cold Hearted - Dubstramental
3. Cold Hearted - US 7" Version

UK 12" Record VUST 27:

1. Cold Hearted - Chad Jackson Extended Remix
2. Cold Hearted - Chad Jackson Ambient Mix
3. Cold Hearted - Chad Jackson Breaks and Beats Mix

UK 5" CD VUSCD 27:

1. Cold Hearted - Chad Jackson 7"
2. Cold Hearted - Chad Jackson Extended Remix
3. Cold Hearted - 12" Extended Mix
4. Cold Hearted - 7" Version 3:35

Japan 5" CD VJD-15556:

1. Cold Hearted - Extended Version
2. Knocked Out - Extended Version
3. Straight Up - 12" Extended Version
4. Forever Your Girl - 12" Extended Version

Single Credits

Written by Elliot Wolff
Produced and arranged by Elliot Wolff
Co-produced by Keith "K.C." Cohen

© 1988 Elliot Wolff Publishing (ASCAP)
Recorded and mixed by Keith "K.C." Cohen

Wildcat...assistant engineer: Josh Schneider
Eldorado...assistant engineer: Annette Cisneros
JHL (Jeff Lorber's studio)

Mixed at Larrabee studio...assistant engineer: Peter Arata

Lead Vocals: Paula Abdul
Background vocals: Paula Abdul and Delissa Davis
Drum programming, synthesizer programming, synthesizers: Elliot Wolff
Guitar: Dann Huff

Song Notes

  • Christina Aguliera’s music video for “What A Girl Wants” was filmed at the same location.
  • In 1991, The Chipettes recorded a cover of the song for the album The Chipmunks Rock the House.
  • Actress and singer Katerina Graham sampled the chorus of this song in her updated version of the song, "Cold Hearted Snake" which was released as a single in 2010.
  • Naya Rivera as Santana Lopez in the show “Glee” sings “Cold Hearted” in the episode "Feud".
  • Brendan Velasquez performed an amazing cover of “Cold Hearted” and is available for download on iTunes.

HITS Magazine Ad

This advertisement was published in HITS magazine, June 1989.

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