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Beverly Hills 90210 Soundtrack


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Beverly Hills 90210 - The Soundtrack


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Beverly Hills 90210 - The Soundtrack

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Beverly Hills 90210: The Soundtrack is the soundtrack to the TV show Beverly Hills, 90210, and was released on October 20, 1992 at the beginning of Beverly Hills, 90210's third season.

The CD was created by the cast and crew of Beverly Hills 90210 as a gift for Aaron Spelling, the show’s creator and subsequently used to promote the show.  Many episodes of the show featured songs from this album.

Paula Abdul is one of the artists featured on the soundtrack performing a new song “Bend Time Back Around” – which was written and produced by Elliot Wolff (the genius producer behind Paula’s hit songs “Straight Up” and “Cold Hearted”).

“Bend Time Back Around” was meant to be the lead single off of Paula’s then-untitled third studio album that would eventually be released in 1995 and titled “Head Over Heels,” however Paula’s management insisted the song be included on Beverly Hills 90210: The Soundtrack instead.

The song was permitted to be included on the 90210 Soundtrack with the understanding that it would be the first single released from the soundtrack, but due to management issues within the record label, "Saving Forever for You" by Shanice was released as the first single instead.

“Bend Time Back Around” would eventually be included on Paula Abdul’s Greatest Hits albums in both 2000 and 2007 making the song available to a wider audience.

Throughout her career Paula has projected a wholesome image and never cursed in any of her songs.  In the lyrics to “Bend Time” there is a line that reads “I'd never let the bastard in” and there was disagreement inside the label as to whether or not to release the song with Paula saying the word “bastard.”  Two versions of the song were created— one version has the word “bastard” beeped out, and then the official version which was released with the word included as intended.  The “beeped” version remains unreleased.

There are other versions of the song during its various stages of production that have Paula performing various adlibs in the backgrounds, for example, chanting “baby won’t you bend- time back ‘round” (repeat) at the end of the song instead of the actual chorus, and a male voice saying “yeahhhhh” during the “do do do doo” section.

The demo for the song was recorded by the legendary session-singer Monalisa Young who provides background vocals on the song.

Tracklisting and Lyrics

1. "Bend Time Back Around" – Paula Abdul    [Lyrics]
2. "Got 2 Have U" – Color Me Badd
3. The Right Kind of Love – Jeremy Jordan
4. "Love Is" – Vanessa L. Williams & Brian McKnight
5. "Just Wanna Be Your Friend" – Puck & Natty
6. "Let Me Be Your Baby" – Geoffrey Williams
7. "Saving Forever for You" – Shanice
8. "All the Way to Heaven" – Jody Watley
9. "Why" – Cathy Dennis
10. "Time to Be Lovers" – Michael McDonald & Chaka Khan
11. "Action Speaks Louder than Words" – Tara Kemp
12. "Theme From Beverly Hills, 90210" – John Davis


90210 Soundtrack

Song Credits

Written and Produced by Elliot Wolff

Published by Virgin Music, Inc. / Elliot Wolff Music (ASCAP)

Paula Abdul appears on the Beverly Hills 90210 Soundtrack courtesy of Virgin Records.

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