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What happened to the free download of Paula's "Boombox"?


In 2009 Paula Abdul's official web site promised fans who purchased a fan club membership they would get access to free music, photos and more, including a free download of Paula Abdul's unreleased song "Boombox".  A small clip of the song played on her site.

The song was used throughout Paula Abdul's RAH! Cheerleading Bowl show on MTV but was never made available to fans who purchased fanclub memberships through Paula's official site.  Since Paula decided to release "I'm Just Here For The Music" as a single instead of "Boombox" one has to wonder why the song wasn't made available to fans - especially after the official web site explicitly said it would be.

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paula-boombox.jpg paula-boombox.jpg
boombox-clip.mp3 boombox-clip.mp3

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