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Is there a DVD that contains music videos from ALL of Paula's singles with Virgin Records?


There has never been an official release that contains all 16 music videos (All 14 singles, plus the re-released edits of "Knocked Out" and "The Way That You Love Me") that Paula Abdul released during her time with Virgin Records.

In 2005 Virgin Records released a collection titled "Video Hits" (Amazon) which contains 6 music videos of her 6 #1 hits:

• Straight up
• Forever Your Girl
• Cold Hearted
• Opposites Attract (with The wild Pair)
• Rush Rush
• Promise of a New Day

You can find some of Paula Abdul's videos such as "Crazy Cool", "Dance Like There's No Tomorrow" and "Will You Marry Me" on iTunes (link) but not the entire collection.

Fans hoping to download the video for "(It's Just) The Way That You Love Me" or "Ain't Never Gonna Give You Up" are currently out of luck until Virgin Records releases a complete collection.

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